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Property Asset Management, Unlocking Hidden Income & Capital Growth Opportunities

Macanie Investments limited is a leading property asset management and real estate investment specialist serving clients throughout the UK and internationally. Our experienced property asset management team provides advice and support to landlords, property owners and investors working to enhance the value of their property assets.

Investment Property Partners believe that successful property asset management combines strategic thinking with specialist knowledge and experience to identify, unlock and deliver hidden growth potential and returns from all types of property assets.

Our experienced property asset management specialists operate as part of an integrated real estate team working closely with our own property investment experts and other professional advisors to ensure that those important value enhancing opportunities identified during the pre-acquisition and due diligence stages are delivered in a timely manner to improve real property asset values.

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If you’d like to learn more about our property asset management capabilities and how we can help you, if you’d like to receive information about investment properties for sale, including the latest new developments and off-market investment opportunities, or if you want to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us today.

Property Asset Management & Value Enhancement
Optimising property asset values post acquisition is an essential part of the real estate value enhancement process.

For our property asset management team this value enhancement process is a primary objective.

However, we recognise that it can only achieved by taking a holistic approach to real estate asset management, including a detailed examination of those key areas that can hide latent value including :

Optimising rental income on all new leases and at rent reviews and lease renewals.

Improving covenant strength to reduce risk and enhance asset values.

Enhancing investment values by improving tenant mix.

Optimisation of existing lettable space through reconfiguration, rationalisation and utilisation of all usable space.

Value enhancement through a review of planning opportunities and potential planning gain.

Evaluation of opportunities for value creation by re-gearing existing leases.

Building value through improvements in the quality and standards of all available space by refurbishment and renovation.

Evaluation of the redevelopment potential for part or all of the investment. Review of the wider location, adjacent sites and existing land owners and occupiers.

Value creation through a review of existing Planning use classes and potential change of use opportunities.

Understanding and reviewing opportunities for value creation through alternative income streams.

Optimising Income & Capital Growth Opportunities
Investment Property Partners offer an expert, hands-on approach to strategic property asset management which enables us to identify and then unlock hidden opportunities to add additional value to your property investments.

This proactive approach to value creation ensures the inherent potential of each asset is optimised to enhance both income and capital growth opportunities.

Specialist Property Asset Management Solutions
As leading independent property investment specialists

Investment Property Partners offer expert advice and support to clients across our specialist areas of expertise helping them to achieve their investment objectives.

If you are a property investor or portfolio owner looking for innovative opportunities to enhance your property income and capital growth please contact us today to discuss how Investment Property Partners can help you.

Bridging Finance & Short Term Property Loans

Macadie Investments limited is a leading independent property investment specialist advising clients throughout the UK and internationally.

In addition to our property investment services we offer a range of complimentary bridging finance, short term property loans, and insurance and professional property support solutions.

Bridging Finance

Essentially, bridging finance often called a bridging loan is a flexible short-term property finance option that can be accessed relatively easily and can be secured and in place very quickly allowing property investors and developers to capitalise on time sensitive opportunities for value creation.

Bridging finance is commonly used by individual property investors, developers and real-estate investment companies and are normally secured against residential or commercial property assets.

One of the biggest advantages with this form of bridging finance is that the duration of the loan can be super short – sometimes 24 hours – whilst the maximum term can be anything up to 12 months or more.

This means that there is plenty of flexibility and opportunity for borrowers to make the most of their loan finance – irrespective of their financial situation.

Another big plus point is that the lenders decision to issue a bridging loan will normally be made within a matter of hours.

Basically, for investors who need urgent cash to fund profitable real estate and property development projects this form of bridging finance can be an extremely powerful tool.

One thing to bear in mind however, is that higher rates of interest may mean bridging loans are less cost effective for longer term funding where alternative sources of finance should be investigated.

Interested in Bridging Finance & Short Term Property Loans ?

If you’d like to learn more about our bridging finance, short term property loan and investment capabilities and how we can help you, if you’d like to receive information about investment properties for sale, including the latest new developments and off-market investment opportunities, or if you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us today :
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Bridging Finance for Property Developers

Bridging finance is especially suitable for investors and property developers who find the flexibility of this form of short term property finance fits well with their financial situation at different periods throughout the construction and development cycle.

Other reasons property investors find short term bridging loans attractive include :

Helping to raise finance quickly on an attractive development site or property that has just come up for sale.

Buying at auction where a substantial and immediate deposit is usually required as part of the acquisition process.

Bridging a shortfall in funding between buying and selling a property when a sale is delayed.

Rapidly raising a deposit to secure a property acquisition.

Completing an existing development.

Refurbishments and renovation work.

All of these are vital for property developers who are all too aware that bridging loans and short term property finance options can help with each scenario so that they do not lose money in the long term by missing out on a high potential property acquisition, delaying a property’s completion or having to postpone a new build or refurbishment.

The Benefits of Bridging Loans & Short Term Finance
If used under the right circumstances bridging finance can offer a number of important benefits including :

Finance can be secured quickly, usually within 7 to 14 days, often quicker if speed is essential.

The duration of the loan is often more flexible, usually from 1 to 12 months to fit the borrowers financing requirements more closely.

Borrowing limits can sometimes be extended; many lenders will consider 75% to 100% funding basing their loan to value criteria on open market asset value rather than purchase price. If a higher loan to value amount is required the borrower may be able to offer additional security.

Flexible interest payments; with agreement at the outset borrowers may be able to roll interest up to the lenders maximum loan to value, paying it off in a single tranche on completion of the project.

In comparison to longer term lending, short term property finance options like bridging loans can prove to be more expensive.

However, under certain circumstances the flexibility, convenience and availability of quick cash can often far outweigh the fact a bridging loan is the more expensive option.

In reality property investors and developers should review each stage of a project and select the most appropriate funding solution that meets their specific criteria.

This may involve a hybrid approach to investment funding where alternative finance solutions are considered at different stages.

Lending Criteria for Bridging Finance

To ensure an investor obtains the best possible finance deal for their project they should prepare well and understand in detail the typical lending criteria required by specialist short term lenders.

Bridging loans are just like any other credit option, whereby an investors current financial situation will be taken into account before any offer is made.

Always remember that the credit profile of the borrower is paramount when it comes to getting the desired property finance.

Not only that, but the strength of the development or property asset (market value) and the investors exit strategy will also be taken in to account, as will the availability of a deposit or a significant upfront cash contribution.

It is also worth bearing in mind that some interest rates will be based upon the proposition in question – so expect to pay more on uncertain, riskier projects.

Short Term Bridging Finance Fees & Expenses

Depending on the lender, a property investor may be required to pay a range of fees associated with the loan application itself.

However, these finance fees will not usually exceed two per cent of the total loan amount.

Other fees that you may need to account for are exit fees, legal fees, and surveyor’s fees.

The latter is the cost that will be payable to the firm hired to value the property, whilst an exit fee may also be charged by the lender when the bridging loan is repaid.

Normally this exit fee will amount to one month’s interest and will be charged regardless of whether the loan has gone the full duration or not.

Additionally, legal fees should always be expected, just like any other finance option.

Specialist Bridging Finance & Short Term Loan Solutions

As a leading independent property investment specialists Investment Property Partners offer expert advice and support to clients across our specialist areas of expertise helping them to achieve their investment objectives

If you are a property investor or developer looking for short term property finance solutions including bridging finance please contact us today to discuss how Investment Property Partners can help.


Property Finance

Our property finance solutions are designed to support property investors and real estate developers fund or refinance property and real estate related acquisitions, developments and associated projects.

Art as an Investment

Are you an investor looking to diversify your investments, or perhaps you’re a new investor looking for something other than traditional stocks and bonds to invest in. No matter what your situation, investing in art can prove to be lucrative, if you do your research. While novice art investors can be initially intimidated by their lack of knowledge in the field, educating yourself as to the variety of options available will go far in reducing that intimidation.

If you’re considering investing in art, here are a few good reasons why you should, along with a few downsides that should be considered :

*A variety of options available – While most new investors think paintings when considering whether to invest in art, there are a variety of media options to choose from, including photography, prints, sculpture, and drawings.

*The ability to start slowly – The ability to purchase a single piece of art allows you to fall in love with a single piece and add to your collection as time and money allows. Your collection can be as small or as large as you wish, with the ability to add to it at any time.

*You remain in control of your investment – Many of us are reluctant to relinquish control, which traditional investing can do. However, when purchasing art as an investment, you are entirely in control, from choosing the initial piece, to displaying and caring for the artwork.

*No volatility – the stock market is notorious for its volatility, with stock frequently soaring to new highs, only to drop precipitously the following week. But artwork tends to appreciate slowly, without the extreme highs and lows that other investors may experience.

You can enjoy your investment as it appreciates – Unlike stocks and bonds, art work can be enjoyed while it steadily appreciates in value. In fact, many people who have valuable art collections started
collecting because they simply love art.

Here are some disadvantages to consider when deciding whether to invest in art :

*A lot of initial research is needed – Unlike stocks and bonds, where you can go on the advice of professionals or check recent performance, investing in art requires more than a rudimentary knowledge of art. Prior to buying any piece as a potential investment, be sure to research the piece itself, the artist, the gallery, or the online seller thoroughly.

*No liquidity – compared to other investment options, selling a piece of art can take a considerable amount of time.

*Artwork requires attention – Will you display your piece in your home, or will you store it somewhere ?
Either way, the piece will require safekeeping from damages, including fires, floods, and other natural

*No guarantee that it will actually appreciate in value – If you purchase artwork to enjoy primarily, while also looking at it as an investment, this is likely not as important as those purchasing a piece strictly for its potential to appreciate in value. While it’s unlikely that you’ll lose money on your purchase, the fact is that you may never see a rise in value for any piece of art purchased.

While it’s true that investing in art is not a good fit for everyone, those that want to touch and enjoy their investments may want to consider this option when broadening their investment portfolio.

Fintech & IT Solutions

Financial technologies, better known as ‘FinTech’, are in the process of disrupting the traditional wealth management industry. As a result, rapid developments are seen in the field of digital wealth management, with additional opportunities expected in the near future.

Europe has had a solid year in terms of total Fintech funding as it secured $58.1 billion in capital last year, which is significantly greater than the $43.4 billion the industry acquired back in 2018 – according to a recent report from Big Four auditing firm KPMG.

Financial technology is the intersection between financial services and new technologies with the goal of improving existing products and services. FinTech is widely perceived as a driver of innovation, and in the wealth management industry, the adaptation of financial technology has led to the development of digital wealth management services and platforms.

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) enjoy digital tools in many aspects of their lives and they expect the same when it comes to managing their wealth. This is true for HNWIs across all generations and not limited to millennials, as is often mistakenly believed.

People across all generations are now digitally proficient and they desire constant access to sophisticated tools and services. We can identify several key FinTech trends and opportunities in the wealth management industry that will shape future FinTech developments.


Fintech Projects Across the Globe Secured a Total of $137.5 Billion in Investments in 2019 : Report

Europe has had a solid year in terms of total Fintech funding as it secured $58.1 billion in capital last year, which is significantly greater than the $43.4 billion the industry acquired back in 2018 – according to a recent report from Big Four auditing …