An independent firm offering
financial planning led investment


At Macanie Investments limited we aim to protect and grow the wealth of our clients through tax efficient financial planning and discretionary investment management. A privately owned firm, Macanie has no external shareholder influence. 

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Our Client Proposition

Wealth Management is not a commoditised product. Through Macanie distinct ‘Financial Planning led Investment Management’ process we work alongside clients to help achieve their financial objectives, in a suitable and sustainable manner.

Macanie Investments limited provides clients with ‘Financial Planning’ and ‘Investment Management’; both treated as distinct disciplines working towards a common goal. Macanie uses internal specialists within their respective field, allowing clients to interact with specific decision makers. >>>>

Our investment philosophy

Macanie Investment limited applies a transparent, multi-asset approach to managing client investments. Portfolios are constructed to provide personal solutions to individual requirements. Investment managers combine traditional portfolio theory alongside modern techniques and renowned research to create suitable portfolios on an individual basis.

Macanie Investments is an wealth management advisory firm serving companies, families and individuals throughout UK & Europe. The company was founded in 1957 in London and has since become a leading investment firms. Our ability to offer multiple investment strategies recognizes that one type of investing doesn’t meet every client’s needs.

Financial Planning led Investment Management

Macanie Investments limited ascertains your objectives, priorities and capacity for investment loss. We research your existing arrangements and build a plan to meet your needs, using non-contentious tax efficient products.

Our financial planning services include: investment advice, inheritance planning, tax planning, investment management, cash flow management and protection reviews. We provide an investment advisory service to review your policies and the suitability of your investment strategy on at least an annual basis.

Macanie predominately manages client assets on a discretionary basis, while additionally offering advisory and self-managed solutions.

Discretionary and advisory portfolios are managed in conjunction with one of Macanie four investment mandates, combining back-tested risk parameters with current investment thinking. Investment mandates provide the Strategic Asset Allocation, while the investment committee determine the current Tactical Asset Allocation. The flexibility of Macanie investments management allows for further personal portfolio tailoring in line with specific investment requirements if suitable.

Macanie In portfolios are consistently monitored from a ‘risk’ and ‘performance attribution’ perspective, with the old adage of ‘know what you own and why you own it’ applied to portfolio management.